Bills Prospects Rosen and Jackson Say All the Right Things at NFL Combine

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2018

Quarterbacks Lamar Jackson and Josh Rosen entered NFL Scouting Combine 2018 with certain perceptions around them beyond their ability to control. Pundits are unsure whether Jackson’s dynamic playing style will work in the NFL, while Rosen is facing questions surrounding his personality. Both quarterbacks decided to address these issues head on by being honest, impressing teams with their authenticity at the combine.

Playoff caliber
One team looking for a quarterback of the future is the Buffalo Bills. Head coach Sean McDermott often uses the term “playoff caliber” and looking for players with the right makeup for his team. After Friday’s interviews and combine appearances, Jackson and Rosen made an impressive job of proving that they should be on the table for the Bills.

Long shot for Super Bowl

Tyrod Taylor” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Keith Allison

The NFL Draft is one of those turning points that affect how teams are judged heading into the season. While the second wave of free agency still looms, the Draft is often where seasons are won or lost, with those that pick well filling holes that just may see them make the playoffs. Those who make poor decisions often pay for them later. This, of course, affects the odds of the Super Bowl contenders. The Bills are currently outsiders by some distance. They did make the playoffs last year for the first time in 17 years, however, and some observers cited the play of quarterback Tyrod Taylor as the main reason behind their Wild Card loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Should the Bills get their guy in the Draft, whether Rosen, Jackson, or one of the other prospects, such as Darnold, they may just see their stock rise? Right now, Oddschecker has them ranked anywhere from 66 to 100. Bills fans may opt to redeem the £20 free Super Bowl bet with Skybet on the site but may find the odds fall if their team pick either Rosen or Jackson with their first pick in the Draft.

Rosen’s sharp mind
Rosen, in particular, has proven that he’s about more than just interview sound bites. His 26 touchdowns, 10 interceptions ratio, along with his 3,756 yards in 2017, illustrated his ability to do with his mind what his body, at times, couldn’t, thanks to injury. Sitting with the coaches in the film room and breaking down his own plays may prove to add to the perception of him having an exceptionally sharp mind.

Josh Rosen vs Virginia by DSC_2057 (CC-BY-2.0)

Jackson is strictly quarterback
With Jackson, his confidence in his ability to play quarterback first and run second has allowed him the freedom he needs to be himself on the field. In all three years as a starter at Louisville, the quarterback totaled 69 touchdowns, 27 interceptions, and 9,43 yards, with 50 touchdowns and 4,132 yards running the football. While that production was responsible for him being awarded a place at the combine, as well as a Heisman Trophy, some decision makers and NFL scouts are still suggesting he would be better placed as a wide receiver. Jackson made his position clear at the combine- refusing to participate in agility drills and focusing solely on quarterback passing drills. He has ruled out playing any other position than quarterback and said that he will only go to a team that sees his role strictly as a signal caller.
While Rosen and Jackson both smiled when answering questions at the combine, what lies beneath those words will be of interest to the brass over at 1 Bills Drive.

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