MLB Bad Boys

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Baseball has seen its fair share of bad boys and players with bad behavior and poor discipline. In this article we will look at three MLB players who were more popular for things that they did outside the baseball field than for things they did on match day.

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Doing that would mean that you spent your time in quite a productive way. However, if you are like us, and you are also interested in how strange some players behave on and off the field, you should definitely go through this list of players.

Pete Rose – Third Base

Pete Rose ranks as one of the most divisive figures in MLB history and he is known for stirring controversy. This is because he is one of the rare players in the history of any sport to be excluded from the Hall of Fame and to be completely banned from anything which is baseball related.
The reason for these drastic measures which were undertaken by baseball’s governing body in the US is the fact that Rose was an avid gambler who just didn’t know when to stop or what to bet on.
He was accused that he influenced the outcome on many of the matches he participated in so that he could get a financial gain, but this is something which he has never admitted. However, just the thought that a baseball professional might be involved in influencing his team’s results was enough for him to get excluded from baseball and included on this list.

Barry Bonds – Outfield

Bonds was bound to become a Hall of Famer as he was the player to take down the all time home run record. However, he did this while he was on steroids and thus opened one of the most embarrassing cans of worms in MLB history.
In addition to using illegal substances which enhanced his performances, Bonds was also constantly fighting teammates, confronted the media on various occasions and had arguments with fellow players. As a result, he ended his career as a dejected cheater which no team wanted to have business with.

Jeff Kent – Second Base

Jeff Kent was the best power hitting second baseman in the history of big league. However, as the two other players on this list, he also had a history of confronting opposing players and teammates. In fact, these days he is most often remembered for his dugout fight with our previous entry, Barry Bonds.
In addition to this, he also proved to be a disgusting person outside the field. He did this on many occasions and the most notable one was when he donated $15 thousand to ban same sex marriage in the state of California.

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