Brian McCann wants to retire with the Braves

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Saturday, November 11th, 2017

Almost two weeks ago Brian McCann won the World Series with the Houston Astros. Today, McCann was back in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia and raising money for charity. The local media had some interesting questions for the hometown boy who made it to the major leagues as a member of the Atlanta Braves. The main one being, would he like to return home and retire with the Braves.

But when it’s all said and done, McCann would like to retire with his hometown team. He became emotional at the idea; be it for a farewell season or a one-day ceremony.

“One hundred percent,” McCann said when asked if he’d want to end his career with the Braves. “One hundred percent. This is my home. I played close to 10 years here. This organization is really, really, really close to my heart. I love this organization.”

McCann offered more on the subject prior to Saturday’s softball game.

“Listen, I came up through this organization,” he said. “Spent some amazing years (with the Braves). I’ll always be an Atlanta Brave. So I love this organization and we’ll see what happens in the future. But right now I’m really excited to be a Houston Astro. It’s a great organization.” – Atlanta Journal-Consitution

McCann though is quite a way off from retiring. He’s only 33 years old and helped win the Astros their first World Series. A team that’s poised to be in contention for many years to come. McCann batted .241 with 18 homers and 62 runs batted in over 97 games in 2017. With numbers like that he can continue to be a veteran presence for this team, which is what he hopes for.

“Another ring, and another ring after that,” he said. “The feeling I got this year, I want another chance at it. I want a chance to win another one.” – Atlanta Journal-Consitution

He wants more chances and he’ll get at least one more in 2018 as he’s under contract for one more year with Houston. Houston also owns a team option for 2019, so he could potentially have another crack at the World Series then.

Once that’s all said and done he may start to think about where to retire. The Braves would then be a logical destination. The Braves are his hometown team and he still lives in the area with his wife. McCann also spends a lot of time in the area fundraising.

The questioning above took place at a charity event for his Rally Foundation which benefits childhood cancer research. This weekends event was a Benefit Bash dinner on Friday, followed by a softball game Saturday. McCann has worked with the organization for over a decade and they earned over $1 million this weekend, a new record.

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