Browns set to release Johnny Manziel, finally

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

When the new league season begins tomorrow the Cleveland Browns will finally release Johnny Manziel but that’s if they don’t. The one thing for certain is the Browns are ready to move on from Manziel but had to wait till the 2016 NFL year begins. In true Browns fashion though the team may wait a few days to release Manziel and hope someone offers them a draft pick for the troubled quarterback.

The Browns will cut ties with Johnny Manziel as early as Wednesday at 4 p.m. when the new league year opens, but it could also happen a day or two later.

The club had to wait until the start of the new league year to waive him, because it rolled its cap money over to 2016 and didn’t have the space to absorb the $4,333,487 cap hit.

They might exercise patience for a day or two to see if a team is willing to part with a conditional late-round pick for the troubled quarterback. That’s not expected to happen, of course, but if a team will take Manziel and the remainder of his contract off the Browns’ hands, they’ll surely oblige. (

Browns set to release Johnny Manziel, finally

Manziel has two more seasons of guaranteed money on his contract so it makes sense that the Browns would rather trade him then release. Problem is its very doubtful that any team would be willing to give up a draft pick for someone who may not even see the field.

If no team trades for Manziel the Browns could recoup some of their guaranteed money. reports that if he is indeed suspended by the NFL and defaults on his contract.

The Browns can also try to recoup some of Manziel’s guaranteed money if he’s suspended by the NFL and defaults on his contract. The club is likely to do so after all the negative attention he’s brought to the team.

In 2014, he signed a four-year deal worth $8,248,596, including a $4,318,980 signing bonus and $7,998,596 guaranteed — and all they got out of him was two victories in six starts.

The Browns are unlikely to hang onto Manziel until he’s suspended by the NFL to try to get some of their money back. The team is trying to establish a new culture under Hue Jackson and doesn’t want its new head coach saddled with the Manziel saga.(

I think that’s a long shot but if Johnny Manziel keeps showing up at Las Vegas events you never know….

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