Key Points To See in the 2016 NFL Combine

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, February 25th, 2016

The 2016 NFL Combine will be filled with plenty of physical tests, interviews and medical reviews to see how well playing entering the NFL Draft will perform. This is a great event that often influences what teams do in the draft and can even impact NFL online sports betting odds in some cases.

Players of all sorts will be scrutinized from all directions. Ohio State’s Joey Bosa, one of the top defensive prospects in the game, will certainly be analyzed out in Indianapolis to determine if he’s athletic enough, if he has a sound mind and if he’s learned from being suspended for a game earlier in the season.

Of course, plenty of things will happen, what with more than 300 people attending the combine. With that in mind, it helps to look at what important stories will be covered at the combine. These could easily influence NFL sports betting odds in some cases.

Medical Reviews Are Important

Medical reviews will help teams see if certain players have recovered from their injuries of late. UCLA linebacker Myles Jack tore his meniscus last season and missed all of last year. He will certainly be under the microscope to see if he has actually recovered from the injury. Notre Dame’s Jaylon Smith will also be reviewed to see if he has recovered from a ligament tear.

How Big Is Jared Goff?

California quarterback Jared Goff was listed at 6’4” and 215 pounds in his last year with the Golden Bears. He has been heralded for being NFL-ready with an accurate arm but he may drop on the charts if he is measured as being smaller.

Lynch or Wentz?

There’s a good debate over whether Memphis’ Paxton Lynch or North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz is the better quarterback. They are both similar in their skills but Wentz got a bit of an advantage for playing in the Senior Bowl. Lynch could be the favored option if he ends up doing better in interviews.

A Look at Cook

Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook will be reviewed carefully based on his attitude and how well he has been recovering from a shoulder injury. His attitude is especially going to be considered at the combine, what with Cook not being the Spartans’ captain in spite of being their quarterback

What Other Interviews?

There will be plenty of other interviews to watch for as well. These include interviews with Duke Williams over why he was booted from Auburn in spite of being a great wide receiver. Interviews with Eastern Kentucky’s lineman Noah Spence will especially delve into his drug addiction that caused him to be kicked out of Ohio State.

How Can Cardale Perform?

Ohio State’s Cardale Jones didn’t have too much experience at the quarterback position even though he played in some very important games for the team and won them. His football skills will certainly be analyzed at the combine.

Looking At Underclassmen Sizes

Various underclassmen will especially be reviewed based on their sizes. Eli Apple could be a top-rated one simply because he is a little taller than others.

Defensive Tackle Pointers

The defensive tackle position is expected to be very tight and packed. Stars like UCLA’s Kenny Clark and Ohio State’s Adolphus Washington will certainly be analyzed to see which is the better defensive tackle in a stacked position in this year’s draft.

Don’t Forget Running Backs

Finally, running backs will have to be reviewed to see how well they will perform. Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott is the top choice but Alabama’s Derrick Henry and Louisiana Tech’s Kenneth Dixon will certainly be reviewed carefully based on how well they can perform.


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