Carlos Beltran to mentor Aaron Judge?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, February 22nd, 2016

While pitchers and catchers have already reported to Tampa the positional players for the New York Yankees don’t report till Wednesday. One of those players, Carlos Beltran is already contacted the team and made a special request. Yankees equipment manager Rob Cucuzza told NJ Advanced Media that the outfielder called the team and requested that rookie Aaron Judge’s locker be moved closer to his. A move that in all likelihood means Beltran wants to take on a mentor ship role this spring.

Beltran called Yankees manager Joe Girardi not long before pitchers and catchers showed up to George M. Steinbrenner Field Thursday and asked if Judge’s locker could be moved close to his, equipment manager Rob Cucuzza told NJ Advance Media on Sunday.

“I guess Carlos is feeling this is the heir apparent to right field and whatever Carlos has to offer, he wants to give it to Aaron,” Cucuzza said. (NJ Advanced Media)

Carlos Beltran to mentor Aaron Judge?

Truthfully I’m kind of surprised that Beltran even needed to make this request. I would think that Joe Girardi and the Yankees front office would want these two next to each other. The aging veteran nearing the end of his career and the up and coming rookie poised to replace him. Wouldn’t you want them next to each other to talk and let Beltran share his experiences?

Regardless if the team did have this in their plans it’s great to see Beltran make this request. Beltran is in the last year of his deal with the team and has already started to contemplate his retirement. To see him want to work with his likely replacement is great. In my opinion it puts fans worries to rest. The worry that Beltran will cause drama if he struggles and the kid is called up to replace him.

Expect to see these two spend a lot of time together over the next month. Hopefully Judge can soak in every bit of information he can from Beltran. Well all the info he can hitting wise, defensive advice might not be too helpful.

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