Brandon Marshall to retire if Jets win Super Bowl

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

New York Jets wide receiver held a little Q&A session with fans on Twitter last night. He answered many questions but there was one with a very telling answer. One fan asked if he was ready to hoist the Lombardi Trophy next year. Instead of just saying yes, Marshall added that if they did he’d retire.

Brandon Marshall to retire if Jets win Super Bowl

To hear Marshall talking about retirement isn’t quite the surprise as he is will be 32 years old in March. When you’re at that age in the NFL you’re going to get asked that question non-stop every offseason.

To hear him say he’d retire on top if the Jets won is no surprise, what player wouldn’t want to go out on top? Him tying it to a championship is also not of a surprise because Marshall just came off of what was arguably his best season as a pro.

Marshall returned from an injury riddled 2014 campaign to catch 109 balls for 1502 yards and 14 touchdowns in his inaugural season with the Jets. The touchdowns were a career high while the receptions and yardage were the second highest of his career.

Machine Marshall proved he’s still a beast and could perform at a high level. So what guy would want to retire while at the top of his game? Not many unless of course he went out on top.

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