Optimism growing that Adrian Beltre signs extension

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Adrian Beltre turns 37 in April but yet optimism is growing that he signs an extensions with the Texas Rangers. Beltre joined the Rangers in 2011 and has been everything the Rangers could have hoped for. So much so that his agent Scott Boras is expressing optimism that an extension can be worked out.

“I think Adrian already had a discussion with them, in which he expressed a desire to stay,” Boras, Beltre’s agent, told FOX Sports in a telephone interview. “They want him there, and we’re going to work on that.”

When asked whether a deal is possible before Opening Day, Boras replied, “I’d say there are certainly grounds for a discussion of advancing Adrian’s contract, yes.” (FOX Sports)

Optimism growing that Adrian Beltre signs extension

So why would the Rangers be so interested in signing an aging veteran to an extension? It’s pretty simple, production. Beltre is still a solid producer. During his first five seasons he finished in the top-15 in the American League MVP race, finishing as high as 3rd in 2012.

The 2015 season was a down year for Beltre as he dealt with multiple injuries. Even so, he finished 7th in the MVP race with a .287 average, 32 doubles and 18 homers in 143 games. Pretty impressive by today’s standards especially in a “down” year.

If I were the Rangers I completely understand why they’d want to keep that bat in the middle of their lineup. Even better is that Beltre wants to stay put and help the Rangers become winners.

“I want to be on a team that wants to win, and they showed me that they want to win,” Beltre told The Dallas Morning News last month. “If they want me, I guess I will probably be here.” (Dallas Morning News)

At Beltre’s age I’d only expect a two, maybe three year extension and it probably won’t cost too much compared to where the market has gone. I’d think Beltre would get around $15-18 million per year, so just about where he is now.

Will an extension get done before Opening Day? It would be tough but it would be the smartest thing for both sides. A likely reason why the optimism is growing.

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