Joe Mauer suffering from blurred vision

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, February 12th, 2016

Minnesota Twins first baseman Joe Mauer has had a history of concussions but has been clean since 2013 or so we thought. Mauer spoke with the Pioneer Press and said that he’s still suffering from lingering symptoms, mainly blurred vision. Something that has definitely affected him at the plate especially when there was bright sunlight. To combat this he plans on experimenting with sunglasses during Spring Training.

Mauer told the Pioneer Press this week he will experiment hitting with sunglasses for the first time to improve his pitch tracking later this month when he reports to spring training in Fort Myers, Fla. Pitchers and catchers report to camp on Feb. 21.

“I’ve always been kind of weird about my routine when it comes to stepping into the (batter’s) box, but it’s something I’ll give a shot this spring and see if it helps,” Mauer said. (Pioneer Press)

It’s disappointing that Mauer is still suffering from concussion systems but it does show how serious of an issue those can be. Mauer has stood tall and been a true competitor when talking about it. He made sure to say that he doesn’t want to use the blurred vision as an excuse.

“I don’t want that to be kind of an excuse. If I’m out there, I’m out there. That’s just the way I am,” Mauer said. “There are times I’ve gone up to the plate and I just couldn’t pick up the ball. That’s part of the frustration because I’m trying to do everything I can to get back. It just takes time.” (Pioneer Press)

Joe Mauer suffering from blurred vision

So now that Mauer knows whats physically ailing him how does he fix it? He said that they’ve been working on numerous things including stretching drills that have loosened neck muscles as well as eye exercises. So far both have seemed to help.

The one fix to me that was very interesting is that he plans on cupping one eye at a time when the Twins are at-bat. As well as rotating his vision around a clock about six times a day to increase blood flow.

Mauer was very candid in speaking about the past and his recovery from the concussions. He’s said what most athletes do when looking retrospectively, that maybe they shouldn’t have rushed back.

“Athletes are wired a certain way where you play through anything,” he said. “I think there were some things maybe I should have taken a step back and taken a look at and tried to take care of (the symptoms), especially physically.

“As for as this offseason, just coming up from different exercises, how much better I feel with the concussion symptoms, it keeps getting better and better, and that’s why I’m really excited.”(Pioneer Press)

Hopefully these exercises and the sunglasses help because Mauer was a world class hitter when at his best. Even if he can just get close to what he was he should help the Twins mightily.

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