Will Rueben Randle return to the Giants?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, February 5th, 2016

For the New York Giants it’s now the offseason which means there are plenty of questions that need to be answered. It also means the local beat writers will start to answer fans questions with their opinions on what may happen. James Kratch of the Newark Star-Ledger did just that today by answering some questions about free agency. One of the main guys up for free agency is Rueben Randle and Kratch doesn’t think he’ll return to the team.

I do not expect wide receiver Rueben Randle to return, either. Randle is a different case; I am not sure if the Giants would want him back, given his inconsistency over his first four seasons. But, I could also see a situation where Randle also commands more money on the open market than the Giants are willing to pay. The free agent pool at receiver is not particularly loaded, and I could see a team overpaying Randle due to a need, despite of his less-than-stellar 2015 season. (James Kratch – Newark Star-Ledger)

To say that Randle’s first four seasons were marked with inconsistency is putting it nicely. I’d say it was wildly frustrating for fans and the coaching staff.

Will Rueben Randle return to the Giants?

One never knew what Randle would show up on any given week. Even more frustrating was the fact that he caught 71 passes in 2014 and gained just under a thousand yards, which lead one to believe he was on the verge of breaking out. One would think that Randle was now going to become the player the team thought he’d be when he was drafted in the second round. How did he follow that up by catching only 57 passes for just under 800 yards, granted it was on almost 40 less targets.

Late in the season, Randle also expressed his displeasure in the offense. Mainly about the lack of targets coming his way because of one, Odell Beckham Jr. You have to wonder if the Giants would bring Randle back and risk a greater level of frustration, on his part.

If 2014 was indeed the start of his breakout then he’s shown the potential of becoming a top flight receiver and with a weak receiver market he’s going to command top dollar. Will the Giants want to pay that much for what will be a number two receiver in their offense?

Personally, I think the Giants have to pay him with the lack of depth at the position. Beckham is an all world talent but if it’s him and cast of misfits they won’t have success. And sorry all but I’m not counting on Victor Cruz, so yeah right now it would be OBJ and cast of misfits.

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