White Sox exploring trade for Andre Ethier

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, February 1st, 2016

The Chicago White Sox desperately need help in their outfield and with free agent options running out have turned their attention to the trade market. One option that they are considering is Andre Ethier of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Phil Rogers of MLB.com says the team is exploring that option but isn’t sure if there would be a match between the two.

White Sox exploring trade for Andre Ethier

The teams interest in Ethier makes perfect sense as the outfield is full of question marks. Ethier batted .294 with 14 homers over 395 at-bats and a 2.7 WAR. Numbers that would easily make him the second best guy in that outfield. A middle of the lineup with Todd Frazier, Jose Abreu and Ethier could do some damage.

The problem is whether or not there is a match. Do the White Sox have the minor league talent that the Dodgers would want? Would the White Sox be willing to match their asking price? Questions none of us have the answer till it goes past the “exploring” point.

One also has to wonder if the Dodgers would be willing to move Ethier. All along they’ve preferred to make a deal that involves them trading Carl Crawford instead. A player I’m sure the White Sox wouldn’t be interested in.

There is one thing tho that may get the Dodgers to make a move. If the Dodgers can’t move Crawford they may be forced to make a deal involving Ethier that they don’t want to do before the season starts. On April 21st, Ethier earns his 10-and-5 rights and be able to veto any trade he’s involved in.

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