Mayweather versus Pacquiao: Superfight Draws Closer

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Mayweather versus Pacquiao: Superfight Draws Closer

For a fight that conceivable looked like it was going to be impossible to broker, the Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao fight isn’t far away now. Slated for July 2, 2015 in Las Vegas, it is being billed as the biggest fight of our generation.

The money that’s being thrown about is enough to feed a small nation for a month. With Forbes stating that Mayweather, boxing’s biggest draw, is set to pocket a handsome $120 million with Pacquiao not far behind. With the heavyweight division being somewhat baron of late, aside from the Klitschko brothers, the welterweight duo have long took the bulk of mega purses during the last 10 years in the sport.

As we approach the last month before the fight, many newspapers are also reporting on the seismic revenues the city of Las Vegas will profit from the fight. Mayweather’s fights are renowned for bringing in large amounts of money for the city and the fighter has become synonymous with Sin City over the years. Each of the enigmatic pound-for-pound greats fights is reported to inject approximately $100 million to the Las Vegas economy during fight weeks.

However, Pacquiao’s influence in Las Vegas shouldn’t be understated either. Before his recent fling with the Venetian in Macao, mainly due to Bob Arum’s Top Rank Boxing Promotions trying to drive profits to Asia’s new gaming mecca, Pacquiao fought in Vegas twice a year. Memorable fights against Juan Manuel Marquez will stick in the mind of fight fan’s memories for all long time.

This fight however, is a different entity altogether. When asked about the implications of this super fight to the Vegas economy, the president of Top Rank Boxing Promotions, Todd DuBoef told the NYTimes just how financially appealing it is to the Vegas economy. When asked if it will generate $100 million like a typical Mayweather fight, DuBoef scoffed and replied: “Hundreds of millions.”

Although he is still a polarizing character and ultimately the exact opposite of the politically-minded and charitable, Pacquiao, Mayweather will be missed when he’s gone – none more so than by the Vegas casino industry. Mayweather, who has once again been crowned the richest sportsman of the year by Forbes is a phenomenal draw and no one markets themselves as innovatively as the welterweight king.

For all of Pacquiao’s achievements, including being an eight-weight world champion, it’s hard to look past the undefeated Mayweather. The biggest online sports betting exchange currently has Mayweather as a 4/9 favorite to defeat the Filipino icon. Pacquiao currently stands at 7/4 with the draw being priced at 20/1. These odds are arguably the closest in a Mayweather bout we’ve seen for a long time, and many fight fans are hoping that the bout will live up to its hyperbole.

One of the other factors that has led many boxing experts to favor Mayweather, is Pacquiao’s political ties. Pacquiao is reportedly spending up to $6-10 million on each political campaign he engages in, and although this is separate from his fight preparation, there’s no doubt it’s a distraction that Mayweather doesn’t have to contend with during the lead up.

As high profile as the Filipino’s campaigns are, nationals are unable to legally bet on whether Pacquiao’s political movement will be a success or not.

This is in stark contrast to the United States where citizens can actively bet on who the next president will be, or in Europe where many actively bet on the General Election in the United Kingdom, with bookmakers now taking odds on who will be elected as the race for prime minister hots up. So much so that bookmakers have even began social media campaigns to assist the politicians in their election runs.

And while Pacquiao is a considerable way from presidency at this point in his life, he hasn’t hidden his desire to lead his country in the future. But first on the agenda is dethroning the pound-for-pound best in the world – Floyd Mayweather.

Who do you think will win this superfight? Let us know in the comments section below.


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