Blue Jays Navarro asked for a trade “right away”….

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Some interesting, but not surprising, news out of Toronto Blue Jays spring training facilities today. Toronto Blue Jays catcher Dioner Navarro told reporters that he asked for a trade “right away” after the team signed Russell Martin. While the team hasn’t complied or commented on this, I’m sure this isn’t something they wanted to started the spring talking about.

Personally, I can’t blame Navarro for doing so. I’m sure there are Blue Jays fans complaining about this but can one really blame Dioner? Navarro was a solid catcher for the Jays in 2014, he batted .274 with 12 homers and 69 runs batted in over 139 games. That’s not a bad season at all and he did so at a very, very fair team friendly rate of $3 million.

Navarro has proved he can be a starter in the major leagues when given a chance so to have that chance taken away from him after a solid season had to hurt. Navarro now has no role with the Jays, he’s back to being a backup who will see maybe 40 starts. Wouldn’t you ask for a trade too?

I don’t think the Blue Jays will have a problem finding a taker for Navarro as he’s scheduled to make $5 million. That’s also a very team friendly rate and I’m sure any team that needs a starting catcher would jump on that.

Only problem is would the Jays be willing to trade such a valuable backup? They’ve got a chance for the playoffs in 2015 and Navarro is a great Plan B should Martin get hurt and miss significant time.

Here’s some more tweets from Navarro’s talk with the media.

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