Rex doesn’t want to be compared to Herm Edwards

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has had a very rough week and things don’t seem to be getting better. First Ryan benched the starting quarterback that he believes in while the team was getting blown out. Then Rex admitted he knows he’s now coaching for his job. Now he’s involved in a verbal spat with former Jets head coach Herm Edwards.

Edwards, appearing on Mike Lupica’s radio show Tuesday on ESPN 98.7, said he thought Ryan should have benched Geno Smith for missing a team meeting on Saturday night before Sunday’s debacle.

A few hours later on the same radio station, Ryan, taking a page from his early days at the helm of the Jets, fired back.

“If Herm Edwards gets to coach another team again, then he can do exactly what he wants,” Ryan said on “The Michael Kay Show.”

But he wasn’t done, adding this zinger: “No offense, but I don’t care to be compared to him anyway.” (NY Daily News)

With Edwards being an ESPN analyst and the Jets being in the New York market this will catch plenty of press over the next few days. The good thing for Rex though is that Edwards wasn’t that great of a coach himself so it’s not like Jets fans think so highly of him, that they’ll want them to be similar.

Problem for Rex is that the two are very similar. Neither have proven to be winners, Ryan is 43-42 while Edwards was 39-41 when with the Jets. Both are .500 level coaches and nothing more, they’ll have up and downs but always be just mediocre. The only thing they’re both good at is talking to the media. They’re both great for a sound bite.

So back to the verbal spat between the two. Will this continue? Will Edwards continue the feud on TV and one of ESPN’s many radio stations? Unfortunately no. Herm’s already addressed Ryan’s comeback and it sounds like everything will die down.

Despite Ryan’s sharp words on the radio, Edwards told the Daily News that the comments didn’t bother him.

“He’s exactly right,” Edwards said via phone. “He shouldn’t worry about my opinion. There’s no doubt about it.”(NY Daily News)

Well that’s a bummer. Then again it could make for good TV when Ryan is working for the media in the near future.

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