Lions consider sitting Calvin Johnson

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, October 6th, 2014

Calvin Johnson has occupied the role of decoy for the Detroit Lions for the past two weeks, not something one would expect from the leagues top wide receiver. With that being the case many, including myself, have wondered why the Lions haven’t benched Johnson and allowed the receiver to get healthy. Well after an embarrassing loss and Johnson taking a blow near his injured right ankle the team may do what they should have done two weeks ago.

And Jim Caldwell seems to agree with many outside the organization: It might be time to sit Johnson to help ensure his long-term health.

Johnson has just three catches for 19 yards while dealing with a balky right ankle the past two weeks. He was not targeted with a pass in the first half of Sunday’s 17-14 loss against Buffalo, then left the game in the second half after taking a blow to the right leg while making his only catch.

“I thought about (sitting him) last week, and just looking at him and certainly being straightforward, I’m going to think about it again this week — strongly,” Caldwell said. “So we’ll see.” (MLive)

What a novel idea letting a player sit a week or so that way he’s with the team for the long haul. I know we’re in a win now league, especially when a team has as much talent as the Lions, but sometimes common sense has to kick in.

The Lions have the best receiver in the league and the team keeps risking further injury just to have Johnson on the field. Playing him against the New York Jets was one thing, not many would think he’s a pure decoy if he’s on the field but doing it two weeks in a row?

At that point you’re just putting Calvin at greater risk but more importantly you’re not giving your team it’s best chance to win. Yes, Johnson is the best but his ankle is so bad right now that one can tell he’s doing nothing but hurting the team. The Lions also had to know the Bills wouldn’t fall for that decoy role after seeing it the week prior.

The Lions play the Minnesota Vikings this week, an absolutely horrible team. It would be in Caldwell’s best interest to rest him especially with a game coming up against the New Orleans Saints.

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