Arian Foster calls Thursday games annoying

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, October 6th, 2014

Over the past few years we’ve continued to hear NFL players gripe about the Thursday night games. Today Arian Foster of the Houston Texans said some of the strongest words yet about the weekly game. Well, that’s if you can call the word annoying strong.

Texans running back Arian Foster said the NFL’s Thursday Night Football games are “annoying for players” and hypocritical during a time when the league is actively trying to promote player safety.

“I don’t know a player that likes it,” Foster said Monday at NRG Stadium. “I really don’t know a fan that likes it, either. I think it’s just the league’s way of trying to generate more revenue.” (Houston Chronicle)

Foster’s main complaint is about the short turnaround time and the chance of injury that follows. I can’t say that I blame him but it’s something that he an his union agreed too. When the union was brought up, Foster didn’t seem to keen on that idea either. “Union and the league is kind of the same thing,” Foster said.

Arian also called the game “hypocritical”, which I find very interesting. It’s the first time I’ve heard any player call the game that. He’s got quite the point though.

Foster said Thursday night games compromise the integrity of the NFL during an era when concussions and the game’s violence have drawn national attention.

“They emphasize concussions when they start getting hit with lawsuits and they care about the players’ safety but Thursday Night Football is putting every player on the football field in danger,” Foster said.(Houston Chronicle)

He’s got a great point there but here’s the thing. Those games increase revenue to the NFL. Increased revenue leads to a higher salary cap. A higher salary cap leads to more money for the players.

So pick your poison Foster. Maybe it’s time to get that union to push harder then ever on those guaranteed contracts that way Thursday injuries are less of a concern. I wonder if it will be less annoying then.

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