Woody Johnson calls Geno’s actions unacceptable

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Geno Smith played so bad on Sunday that the New York Jets fans continuously booed him. What Geno did after that was embarrassing to himself and the Jets organization as he cursed at a fan. Today Jets owner Woody Johnson finally addressed the situation with the media and called it “absolutely unacceptable”.

“That’s unacceptable,” Johnson said Thursday. “Absolutely unacceptable.”

Johnson said he had not spoken to the quarterback about the incident but said, “If I see him today I’ll talk to him.”

“You can’t react to those kinds of things,” Johnson said. “He is one of the leaders on the team. In general I don’t think any of us should respond to things like that.”

“I think he’s a very young man,” Johnson said. “He made the mistake now. I guarantee, I don’t guarantee, but I would be surprised if he ever did something like this again.” (NY Daily News)

I find it quite interesting that the two haven’t talked. I know not all owners are around the team everyday, they’ve got their other businesses outside of football. One would think though that the owner who would have at least picked up the phone and called the “face of the franchise”. But then again this is the Jets we’re talking about so I’m not surprised.

Woody did stand by his quarterback though on another issue. While so many have been calling for his head Johnson said that he still believes Geno can be a franchise quarterback. Will see what happens Sunday though since Rex Ryan only thinks his quarterback will play the entire game.

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