Ryan “thinks” Geno Smith will play entire game

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Rex Ryan and the New York Jets have stood by Geno Smith the past few weeks during his struggles. Over the past couple weeks Ryan has continued to tell the media that Geno is his starter and the team believes him. Today that all changed. When talking to the media about Sunday’s game, Ryan said that he “thinks” Geno will play well and finish the game.

That’s right he “thinks”.

Ryan was quick to say that Smith would start Sunday in San Diego after last week’s 24-17 loss to the Lions, but the question now is who will finish the game for Gang Green.

“I think he will finish the game because I think we’ll play well,” Ryan said of Smith. “I think Geno will play well, I think our whole team will play well.” (NY Daily News)

To me that doesn’t sound like someone who has absolute faith in his quarterback. Most NFL coaches will say they expect and know their starting QB will finish a game, if he’s not injured of course.

Last week Ryan would have looked really bad if he had pulled Smith, especially after defending him so publicly. Now though? He’s somewhat covered his ass by saying he could make an in-game change if he were to struggle.

All I can think of is how much this reminds me of Mark Sanchez, he struggled a little bit and then the Jets destroyed his confidence and stunted his development. All of this can’t be good for Geno’s confidence no matter what the team and coach say.

Ryan says that he wants his quarterback to be confident in his abilities but how can he be without his coaches faith. Especially after Rex said the organization makes the decision on who starts but he makes the in-game decisions.

“During a game, who else is going to make them?” Ryan said. “That falls on my shoulder and I think that’s obvious.”

At the moment, Vick’s presence is just a threat. The team has long said that part of the veteran QB’s purpose is to push Smith.

“Geno, I want (him) to be confident in his abilities,” Ryan said. “There is no reason why he shouldn’t be.”(NY Daily News)

In my opinion, that sounds like a coach who no longer believes in his quarterback. Last week Geno said he wasn’t feeling the hot seat but I’m sure that’s changing. Michael Vick is now a bigger threat then ever before.

One thing for sure is even with Geno Smith hitting almost bargain basement prices for QBs at FanDuel, $7,100, I’d be staying far, far away from him till he proves he can put together a few solid outings.

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