Geno doesn’t feel the hot seat

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Yesterday, Rex Ryan talked about giving Chris Ivory more playing time in hopes of getting the offense on track. The other thing Ryan talked about was his quarterback, Geno Smith. Questions were swirling about whether or not he could handle the job and if Rex should make a change. Rex stood by his quarterback and today Geno himself addressed the debate.

If Geno Smith is close to losing his job, he hasn’t noticed. The Jets second-year quarterback has had five turnovers in his first three games and Michael Vick could be ready at a moment’s notice. But asked if he feels like he’s on the hot seat, Smith said, “No, not at all.”

Rex Ryan expressed confidence in Smith both on Tuesday and Wednesday, but questions linger over how long the coach would stick with his young quarterback should he continue to struggle.

“How much leeway (do I have)? I’m not even thinking about that,” Smith said. “That’s not even a topic of discussion or anything I’ve ever even thought about.” (NY Daily News)

Geno may be saying this to the media but I don’t see how it’s not in the back of his mind. I’m sure the “hot seat” was on his mind the moment the Jets signed Michael Vick to be his backup. Everyone will deny that but come on we all know it’s true.

The easiest way for the talk to disappear though is for Smith to finally play a good game.

Even if he does I’d be surprised if he ever does it consistently. Even last year when he had success I never saw a quarterback you could build your team around but hey I’ve been proved wrong many times before.

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