Wells says Jeter smart for not getting married

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

David Wells was a guest on YES Network’s “Center Stage” today and spent time talking about his former teammate Derek Jeter. The former New York Yankees pitcher talked about how sad it is that the team, over twenty seasons, never developed a potential replacement. Boomer also talked about Jeter and how he would actually go out with the guys but kept it clean. The best part was when he said that Jeter was “smart” for never getting married.

“He kept it clean,” Wells said. “He’s smart. You pick your spots. Don’t get me wrong — he went out with the boys. … But he was just smart. He’s still not married — he’s smart. Everyone leads their life different. But Derek, he’s an icon. He had to play every day so he couldn’t stay out until the wee hours of the morning. You can’t burn the candle on both ends when you’re the Captain.” (NY Daily News)

It’s no surprise to me that Boomer said something like this. David was known for his partying and numerous late nights out, even before games he started. Who could forget his admission that he was hungover when he pitched his perfect game.

For a guy like him of course it was “smart” for Jeter to never get married. Actually what am I saying all of us guys would say that if we were on his level of celebrity.

One of the more comical parts of the interview is when Wells talked about Jeter and his singing skills. “He’s a horse s— singer,” Wells said with a laugh. “He can’t sing for nothing.”

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