Ivory could get more playing time

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

The New York Jets offense continues to struggle and Rex Ryan is looking for ways to get it jump started. One way he’s thinking of doing so is by giving Chris Ivory for more playing time. The offense has had more of a spark when he’s in there so why not see what it could do with more playing time.

Ivory and his backfield partner Chris Johnson have both played about the same amount of snaps this season. Johnson has 35 carries, averaging 3.5 yards per carry and six receptions for 3.8 yards per catch. Ivory has run 33 times, averaging 5.7 yards with five catches averaging 11 yards per catch.

So obviously there’s a difference in performance, Ivory simply put is able to move the chains. The reason being is his size, he’s not afraid of contact which means he’s heading down field at all times.

The other plus is that because of his size no one wants to tackle him. Even after contact he’s able to keep the ball moving. Ivory is averaging 4.4 yards per touch AFTER contact. Running backs like that take a toll on a defense and help make things easier as the game goes on.

It’s good to see Ryan is wising up to the fact that Ivory is his best back. It will ruffle some feathers with CJ2K but it’s a move that Rex has to make if he wants to win this season. There’s no word on possible distribution but expect Ivory to see more playing time Sunday against the Detroit Lions.

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