Could Dallas bench Morris Claiborne?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Morris Claiborne had an absolutely awful game Sunday for the Dallas Cowboys. The St.Louis Rams torched the corner to the tune of five passes on seven targets for 108 yards and two touchdowns. The only highlight of the day for Claiborne came via interception to seal the game. Claiborne is in his third NFL season but are the Cowboys giving up on the former sixth overall pick?

When asked whether Claiborne could be benched before Dallas plays New Orleans next Sunday, Jason Garrett didn’t dismiss the question.

“We’ll determine how we’re going to play guys as the week goes on,” the Cowboys coach said Monday.

“Mo was just in situations in yesterday’s game where he was isolated by himself and they made good throws and catches against him,” Garrett said. “His technique on each of those plays wasn’t perfect and they had success for different reasons on each of those plays where he got beat and he just needs to continue to learn and grow and develop as a player.” (Dallas News)

Claiborne admitted he had a bad day but just shrugged it off as to “life” in the NFL. “Sometimes you give up plays,” Claiborne added. “That’s life. That’s the NFL. It’s what you do afterwards. You have to go make plays.”

I can understand the Cowboys frustrations and why they’re considering demoting the corner. After three seasons he’s done nothing, absolutely nothing, to warrant the ‘Boys taking him sixth overall. What’s sad about the whole thing is the team is considering starting Sterling Moore, a guy who was formerly undrafted.

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