Hester wasn’t happy in Chicago

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, September 19th, 2014

Devin Hester had a big game for the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday night, scoring two touchdowns. After the game Hester spoke with the NFL Network and it sounds like he’s pretty excited to be in Atlanta. The reason? The reason is because he was that unhappy with the Chicago Bears.

Sounds a lot like he’s talking about someone, mainly the quarterback Jay Cutler, not the entire organization.    That’s at least how it sounds to me.

Hester’s career as a receiver in Chicago really took off. His receiving career had a nice start with 57 catches and 757 yards in 2009 but quickly turned sour. The Bears just never found a way to use him and it’s what led to him landing with the Falcons.

After three weeks in Atlanta, he’s caught seven balls for 126 yards, ran the ball once for 20 yards and a touchdown, as well as last night’s record breaking punt return. The numbers don’t stand out but with a stacked Falcons offense they’re finding a way to utilize him, which is obviously making him happy.

Something he wasn’t in Chicago.

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