Adam Silver approves of Roger Goodell

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Most of the country disapproves of the job Roger Goodell is doing as commissioner of the National Football League. The main reason being the rash of abuse cases by NFL players that have occurred recently and how poorly the league has handled it. There’s one person though who disagrees with most of us and that’s NBA commissioner Adam Silver. Silver thinks Goodell is “doing a great job”.

I actually agree in some ways with Silver and what he said. “He’s doing the best he can under difficult circumstances,” Silver said … “He’s been a great commissioner so far and he’ll work his way through these issues.”

I do think Goodell is doing his best under difficult circumstances but the circumstances have turned sour because of his and the NFL’s own doing. The league has had a history of sweeping things, like arrests, under the rug and acting like things never happened.

Goodell has tried to change this with the Personal Conduct Policy but the policy still isn’t working. Goodell and the league only enforce the policy when it’s convenient for them and that’s why things have spiraled so out of control.

What I found interesting is that Silver said he’s learned from Goodell. I’m not sure in what aspects as he had because right now Goodell needs to learn from Silver. The commish who was widely praised for how he handled the Donald Sterling situation.

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