Drew has no thoughts about replacing Jeter

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, August 8th, 2014

It didn’t take long for New York Yankees infielder Stephen Drew to be asked about his future and the possibilities about replacing Yankee great Derek Jeter. Drew has been playing second since joining the team but started at short last night with Jeter getting the day off. Short is Drew’s natural position and the one he’s played his entire career so logic would say if he stays in the Bronx he’d be Jeter’s replacement. Drew was asked about being that replacement after the game and gave the correct answer.

“I haven’t even though that,” he said Thursday. “I’m focusing on this year and it’s been a crazy year for m.e”

But he’ll worry about 2015 when it comes, he said.

“I haven’t given thought to next year,” Drew said. (NJ.com)

While Drew gave the media the right answer there’s no way I can believe that he hasn’t given this any thoughts. It’s had to be on his mind for a while now, all the way back to last off season when him and the Yankees were talking during free agency.

The answer was the right answer in one aspect, Drew needs to concentrate on this season, not next. Drew’s batting a horrendous .175 this season over 154 at-bats. With numbers like that he’s got to make sure he has a strong finish in hopes that he can even find a job in 2015.

“Everybody has got pretty much three months on me and I feel like I’m playing a lot of catchup,” he said. “Things are finally starting to come along a little bit.”(NJ.com)

He’s played in 46 games so far this season so I’m not sure if that answer is totally accurate but we will see. If he does he may just wind up Jeter’s replacement after all.

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