Surgery recommended for Jose Fernandez

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Another UCL of a major league pitcher has bit the dust. The latest UCL tear belongs to Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez and of course, Tommy John surgery has been recommended. Neal ElAttrache, team doctor for the Los Angeles Dodgers, oversaw his recent MRI and recommended the surgery. Fernandez will now go to Marlins physician, Lee Kaplan, for a second opinion. If Kaplan agrees with ElAttrache it will be a while before we see the phenom on a MLB mound again.

Marlins superstar right-hander Jose Fernandez was diagnosed with a tear in the ulnar collateral ligament of his pitching arm and surgery was recommended in the initial diagnosis by noted physician Neal ElAttrache, sources connected to the team say.

Fernandez is scheduled to see Marlins team doctor Lee Kaplan Tuesday to see if he confirms the original diagnosis and recommendation. (CBS Sports)

JOn Heyman reports that Fernandez’s elbow has been called “pristine” which makes success more likely. That’s definitely good for the Marlins and their fans.

While the team cautiously announced Fernandez has a “sprain,” word is he has a significant tear in an elbow that is said to be otherwise “pristine,” making the likelihood for successful surgery extremely high. A sprain technically can mean a tear, and does in this case — though it may sound a bit better.Tommy John surgery has about a 90-percent success rate in the average case, but Fernandez is said to have an elbow that’s in othewrise excellent shape, raising the chances for success even further. (CBS Sports)

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