Notre Dame considering games against SEC

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Now that the NCAA basketball season is over focus has turned into next years football season and the debut of the playoff system. They’ll be a selection committee so schools are trying to figure out how to best position their teams to be selected. One of those that is Notre Dame, a team who usually has a jammed pack schedule but is considering adding an opponent from the SEC, the Georgia Bulldogs. Due to current contracts we wouldn’t see that matchup for a few years.

“During this four‑year window I’m using, 2013 to 2016, we’ll play 15 games against ACC opponents, nine against Big Ten opponents, 10 against PAC‑12 opponents (and) three against Big 12 opponents,” Notre Dame’s athletic director said.

The SEC was absent from the list.

“We have as a scheduling priority beyond this period of time finding a way to work SEC opponents into our schedule,” he said.

That process is underway. A Notre Dame spokesperson confirmed the Irish are exploring a possible series with Georgia. initially reported the schools are working to finalize a home-and-home series possibly for 2018-2019. The Notre Dame spokesperson said dates are to be determined. (Chicago Sun-Times)

The Fighting Irish haven’t played a team from the SEC during the regular season since 2005. They haven’t played Georgia since the 1981 Sugar Bowl. The team states the playoff system as the reason they’re exploring the home and home with the Bulldogs.

“I think the selection committee is going to wind up with a measure of strength of schedule by conference,” he said. “So you want to be able to give them a marker for you against the conference. We got to create a marker against the SEC.”(Chicago Sun-Times)

I don’t blame the Irish one bit for trying to get games like this on their schedule. The SEC is currently the cream of the crop and if strength of schedule against major conferences is key, then you’ve got to schedule games like this.

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