Holmes waiting to decide on new team

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Santonio Holmes is struggling to find a new home this off season and because of that he’s decided to take his time “choosing” a new team. ProFootballTalk is reporting that Holmes has decided to wait till after the NFL Draft to pick his team, meaning he’ll wait to see who needs what. What this likely means is that there is no team that is willing to sign him and they’re telling him to wait till after the draft.

Per a league source, receiver Santonio Holmes likely will wait until after the draft to pick his next team. With a deep class of receivers in the draft, it makes sense to see where the needs are after needs are addressed via the seven-round selection process. (ProFootballTalk)

It makes absolute sense that he’s going to have to wait till after the draft to find a new home. Over the past few seasons Holmes has been hurt often and had a huge drop in production when he is on the field. On top of that he’s had many attitude issues that will make any team question whether or not they want him.

Only part I find funny about this is the league source that said Holmes will wait to choose a team. Of course he’ll wait and that’s because no one wants him meaning there is no one to choose from.


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