Brett Brown talks AI & Sixers chances

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, March 7th, 2014

Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown was a guest on the Dan Patrick show this morning and it was an interesting interview. There were two comments that really caught my attention. One was the Sixers chances at winning another game this season. The other was about Allen Iverson and whether or not he could play for the current Sixers squad, something many fans clamored for during his jersey retirement ceremony.

Patrick brings up Allen Iverson and asks whether he could play on this current Sixers squad.

“I doubt it. His fitness level, who knows? You’d love his swagger. He brings something so special to the table. We respect him, what he’s done for this city, for sure.” (The 700 Level)

I find it quite interesting that Brown doubts AI could play for the current Sixers squad. Yes, his fitness level at the moment might not be that great but I’m quite sure he’d be able to help this unit, and not just with his swagger. Even at 38 years old, AI is likely more talented 75% of the current roster. How couldn’t a guy like that play?

I also am quite surprised he was so blunt and honest about a Philly legend right after his jersey was retired. He saved face by talking about how special he is and the respect for him but still….

So does Brown think the current Sixers can win another game? Of course he does.

Bottom line, does Brown think the Sixers will win another game this season?

“I do,” Brown said. “Some of the guys that I have, we just shook their hands 72 hours ago. Apart from having a very young team, now it’s like you’re back in preseason. I feel like if we can buy some time and play with enough energy, we can steal a win. I think that there is a win in the group, maybe a few.”(The 700 Level)

I too think the Sixers will win another game, maybe more, but only because there are still quite a bit of games left and they’ll likely be teams letting their guard down. Especially at the end of the year when facing other teams also out of the playoff race.

What are your thoughts on Brett Brown and his Iverson comments?

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