Weber refuses to discuss deal with Flyers

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, January 16th, 2014

The city of Philadelphia was abuzz two summers ago when it was announced that the Flyers and defenseman Shea Weber reached a 14-year deal. Flyers fans thought the team found the guy who could replace Chris Pronger, a legend in this city. Unfortunately for them days later the Nashville Predators matched the deal and kept the face of their franchise. The Predators are currently in Philadelphia so you know the reporters would ask him about that, again.

Weber, 28, who leads NHL defensemen with 11 goals but is minus-15, refused to talk about almost joining the Flyers.

“Obviously I’m a Nashville Predator and I love it here and love the organization,” he said. (

Sounds like words you’d expect to hear from Weber as he’s going to be in Nashville a long time. I and no one else have any idea if he’s got bitter feelings about the deal and no one likely will. There was one guy that was willing to talk about it though, Flyers winger Scott Hartnell.

“It was a pretty exciting to have him (here); I knew he was in town and was being shown the area and all that kind of stuff,” winger Scott Hartnell said after Thursday’s morning skate. “I think he really thought this was a great sports stop for him. If he didn’t, I don’t think he would have signed. I’m sure there were a few others trying to schmooze him and lure him to their team.”

Added Hartnell: “I think for the first few days (after he signed with the Flyers) he was pretty confident that he’d be here, but obviously they ended up matching it, so it was probably more of a mindset adjustment for him to go back to the team. But I think it’s water under the bridge for them now. He’s playing great hockey, but you can’t really look back at that too much.”(

Hartnell’s thoughts are probably the closest we’ll ever get to knowing what Weber thinks. As excited as Flyers players were to have him aboard he was probably just as excited. He thought it was a good spot to be in and a place he could thrive but then had it all pulled out from under him. He was likely upset the team matched but the Predators had the right to do just that but as a true professional he put those feelings to the side.

Now the question is how does the always wild Philly crowd responds to him tonight? It wasn’t his fault that he’s not here but will they take it out on him anyways?

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