Maclin willing to accept one year deal

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, January 13th, 2014

Jeremy Maclin missed the entire Philadelphia Eagles season due to a torn ACL and it couldn’t have happened at a worst time with him entering a contract year. For most players this will kill their value in free agency and in all honesty this likely has hurt him some. He was in line for a multi-year deal worth a good amount of money, now it’s likely he’ll have to accept a much smaller, one year deal. The good thing for Maclin is he “understands the business” and is willing to do what it takes to be on the field in 2014.

“I understand it could be a possibility that [the ACL tear] may scare some teams off, or a team may want to do a one-year deal as opposed to a long-term contract,” Maclin told CSN’s Derrick Gunn in an exclusive interview Monday. “That’s the game, that’s the business.” (CSN Philly)

There’s a lot of talent at the wide receiver market this off season with the likes of Erin Decker, Julian Edelman, Hakeem Nicks, Anquan Boldin, James Jones and teammate Riley Cooper. So if he doesn’t resign with the Eagles it looks like Maclin will likely have to sit around and see what team loses out on a couple of those healthier guys.

I have a feeling that may not happen and he could actually be one of the first off the board especially if a team offers him a multi-year deal. At the age of 26 and how players return from ACL injuries now I have faith that he’s going to return and eventually be as healthy as he’s ever been.

Which means that team that takes the chance on multiple seasons would wind up with a nice steal. If those offers don’t materialize he’s ready to “ball out” and get the deal he wants but admits he’d do the same regardless.

“For a team that wants to give me a one-year deal, that’s cool, I’ll just go out there and ball out, do the things I think I can do. Hopefully get that type of deal I’m looking for. If a team wants to give me a long-term deal, I’ll go out there and still do the same thing.”(CSN Philly)

Personally, I think he’ll wind up back with the Eagles. He’s a perfect fit for Chip Kelly’s offense and would definitely help open the field more for DeSean Jackson. Only questions there are would the Eagles pay to bring back both him and Cooper? And if it’s only one which one does Chip value more?

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