Bynum still waiting to hear from Cavs

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Cleveland Cavaliers big man Andrew Bynum has been on the sidelines since the team suspended him and unfortunately is still waiting to hear about his future. Bynum and his agent David Lee have been waiting for about a week now to hear what the team plans to do with him. They’ve got till Tuesday to release him or trade him, if they don’t his contract with them becomes guaranteed. There has been trade rumors involving the Los Angeles Lakers but as of right now Lee has said he’s heard nothing at all from the team about his client.

Lee told The Plain Dealer on Sunday morning that he did not know where things stood or what might happen.

“They’ve been keeping it close to the vest,” he said of the Cavaliers.

Asked if he thought he’d get a heads up before any deal was announced, Lee said, “I would like to think I would, but who knows? We know we have to do it by Tuesday.”(Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Like Lee said you “would like think” the team would inform him of what they plan to do with his client but I’m not so sure if that will happen. With Lee knowing nothing about what’s going on it tells you how bad the relationship between Bynum and the team has become.

Personally, I think the Cavaliers will wind up releasing Bynum before Tuesday. I don’t see how the Lakers trade for him, even with how bad they want to get rid of Pau Gasol. It’d be in their best interest to sign Bynum after his release and try to trade Gasol for other pieces.

So if Bynum is released does he find out via press release or a courtesy phone call to his agent? I highly doubt this with their current relationship that it happens in person.

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