Mets plan to meet with Curtis Granderson

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, November 11th, 2013

Teams are lining up to talk with Curtis Granderson now that he’s declined his qualifying offer from the New York Yankees. The first team planning to meet with Granderson’s agent is the New York Mets but they’re unsure if they’ll get the chance, this week. It should basically come down to whether or not his people show up on the General manager meetings this week.

It’s unlikely Granderson signs with the Yankees as it doesn’t look like the team is willing to give him the multi-year deal he’ll be looking for and should receive. Numerous teams have shown interest but the Mets are a logical choice as there were reports earlier that Grandy doesn’t want to leave the New York area.

I expect a team like the Mets or one of the Chicago teams to be the team who signs Granderson as they wouldn’t have to forfeit their first round draft pick for him.

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