Brian McCann still considering Texas

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

The Texas Rangers resigned catcher Geovany Soto yesterday and said he’d be their primary catcher. This came as a surprise to many as it was thought they’d be a major player in the Brian McCann sweepstakes. Well it turns out the former Atlanta Braves catcher isn’t ready to cross the Rangers off his list, despite what the team says.

Texas Rangers re-signed Geovany Soto on Tuesday and announced that he would be the primary man behind the plate.

The McCann camp, though, hasn’t crossed the Rangers off his list of landing spots.

“I don’t think we’re willing to concede organization or any team because it’s so early,” said B.B. Abbott, McCann’s agent at Florida-based Jet Sports Management.

“The Soto signing certainly doesn’t affect Brian’s thinking at this point. If the Rangers were to come calling, I don’t think it would be a factor.” (Star-Telegram)

The Rangers as well aren’t willing to cross McCann off their list. General manager Jon Daniels still needs to find a backup for Soto and is willing to try a non-traditional backup if one should be available. One that could play other positions.

General manager Jon Daniels said that he is looking for a either a traditional backup as the Rangers’ second catcher, or a player who can play another position and has a potent bat that manager Ron Washington would want to keep in the lineup every day.(Star-Telegram)

One would think okay, the Rangers will look at McCann as their first baseman / designated hitter with occasional games behind the plate. The problem is McCann has never played a position other then catcher and has had a pretty good career so far behind the plate. Would Brian actually consider a position change? Surprisingly the answer is yes if it’s the right situation.

“At this point, Brian’s a catcher,” Abbott said. “He’s a 29-year-old catcher who’s on a Hall of Fame path. You don’t see those kind of guys hit free agency.

Abbott, though, conceded that McCann could be swayed to be more versatile, especially if it helps extend his career.

“I’m not saying as we get further along in the process he could change his feelings on the issue,” Abbott said.(Star-Telegram)

Personally, I don’t see McCann moving positions to join the Rangers. I do see the Rangers making concesssions of their own though to bring him to Texas. The Rangers desperately need a power bat and McCann is one of the better ones on the market and at a position they need.


I have no doubt in my mind the Rangers will change their plans if McCann wants to play for them. They may have resigned Soto and called him their primary catcher but he’s only going to make $3.05 million in 2014. That’s not a lot of money so if they want McCann they can instantly change their tune and say Soto is back to being their backup.

What they could to keep him happy though is start him more then your normal backup by using McCann as an occasional designated hitter. This would help keep McCann fresh as he starts nearing the age that catchers begin to break down. It would also mean that the Rangers can keep his bat in the lineup when he’s not in the field.

So yes, regardless of what the Rangers have said I think McCann is still very much on their radar. That much is evident by McCann and his agent keeping Texas on their list of teams.

The only question is does Texas come up with the biggest offer to get his services because we know it’s going to be ALLLLL about the money for McCann.

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