Rockies to target Carlos Ruiz

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, November 4th, 2013

The Colorado Rockies are currently putting together their off season wishlist and the Denver Post reports that catcher Carlos Ruiz is near the top of it. The Philadelphia Phillies catcher is known for his solid defense and clutch hitting, something most teams could use.

Motivated to improve their defense and get Wilin Rosario’s bat in the lineup more often, the Rockies are pursuing free-agent catcher Carlos Ruiz, according to multiple major-league sources.

The Rockies also face a decision Monday on whether to pick up reliever Matt Belisle’s $4.25 million option.

Rockies owner Dick Monfort has identified landing an impact bat as a priority this winter. Ruiz would not be expected to help on offense as much as on defense, where Rosario has struggled. Colorado has also expressed interest in free-agent catcher Brian McCann, but he could be the highest-paid player on the market, leaving the veteran Ruiz a more realistic target.
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Ruiz, 34, has multiple suitors, including the Phillies, whose pitchers want him back. He makes sense for the Rockies given his playoff experience, proven ability to handle a pitching staff and steady offense. (Denver Post)

The word out of Philly is that the team will give Ruiz a qualifying offer of $14.1 million, which makes total sense. Chooch can expect to make about that amount, possibly a little more, in free agency so it will guarantee the team a draft pick if he’s signed elsewhere and it’s not one of the ten worst teams in the league.

Luckily (is it lucky?) for the Rockies they were one of the worst and will be drafting eighth next June. That means no matter who the team signs they won’t lose their first round pick, instead it would be their second rounder. With that being the case a shopping spree wouldn’t surprised me if they truly plan on competing.

Ruiz and the impact bat that Monfort wants would definitely help the team compete next year. They’ve got the money to spend too so it should be an interesting off season in Colorado.

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