Michael Jordan refuses to tank

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, November 1st, 2013

There’s been a lot of talk about NBA teams tanking this year to try and get the number one overall pick and the opportunity to draft Andrew Wiggins. One executive that has no interest in tanking is Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan. It’s not surprising coming from a guy who’s won six championships as a player.

The Bobcats owner scoffed at the idea Friday, telling The Associated Press, “I don’t know if some teams have thought of that. That’s not something that we would do. I don’t believe in that.”

He then laughed heartily and said, “If that was my intention I never would have paid (free agent) Al Jefferson $13 million a year.” (Sacramento Bee)

Jordan said there’s another reason he doesn’t want his team tanking for the top draft pick and that’s because the pick doesn’t always work out. Jordan would know this very well as he was the one who drafted one of the game’s biggest busts ever, Kwame Brown, with the number one overall pick.

“It’s not guaranteed (the player) you are going to get is going to be that star anyway,” Jordan said. “I did read that certain teams are thinking about doing it. But I’m not one of them. So let’s alleviate that conversation.”(Sacramento Bee)

It’s god to hear that Brown doesn’t want his team tanking games but one thing is for sure, he needs a top draft pick to help right this ship. Actually they need a lot more help then just that but that’s another whole story.

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