Mike Pouncey served subpoena after game

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Sunday, October 27th, 2013

It’s not a good time to be a friend of former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez. Sports Illustrated is reporting that Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey was served a grand jury subpoena after today’s game verse the Patriots. The subpoena does have to do with his relationship with Hernandez as Massachusetts authorities are currently looking at his involvement in interstate gun trafficking. The key thing to remember here though is that Pouncey HAS NOT been arrested or charged with anything, authorities simply want to talk with him.

A source with knowledge of the matter told SI.com that the subpoena is related to the investigation into Aaron Hernandez, Pouncey’s close friend and former teammate at the University of Florida. The source indicated that police are focusing in on Hernandez’s potential involvement in interstate gun trafficking, which is being investigated by several agencies in multiple states — at least Massachusetts, New York and Florida.

The extent of Pouncey’s potential involvement is undetermined, but police are focusing on multiple transactions that involve him and Hernandez. “Organizationally, we do not have a comment,” said Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene. “And Mike Pouncey does not have a comment.”

A grand jury subpoena does not mean Pouncey, 24, has been or will be charged with a crime. Rather, law enforcement officials regard him as a material witness who could advance their case against Hernandez. Dolphins officials indicated Pouncey would be traveling back home with the team Sunday night. (Sports Illustrated)

This could make Dolphins fans nervous about what may happen to Pouncey but right now their shouldn’t be much concern if he is indeed clean. This appears to have more to do with Hernandez and the case against him that looks to be growing, growing and growing some more.

A grand jury doesn’t just charge people with crimes but they also interview witnesses in hopes of getting more information on a case. That seems to be the case here as the Pouncey brothers had a really close relationship with Hernandez. Hernandez and the brothers lived together while at the University of Florida.

Some people will now be wondering if there will be a subpoena waiting for Maurkice Pouncey next week as the Pittsburgh Steelers are visiting Gillette Stadium. That’s highly unlikely since Maurkice is out for the season and likely not traveling with the team.

The most interesting thing here in my opinion is that one of the officials said “make sure you arrive”. When you get served its always in your best interest to show but this tells me that the state is taking this case against Hernandez very seriously.

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