White Sox making push for Granderson?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, October 7th, 2013

The New York Yankees are a team that is about to undergo major changes which means almost every free agent on their team will be available to the masses. We’re already hearing that teams are interested in one of them, Curtis Granderson and truthfully who wouldn’t be? Granderson had an off year in 2013 but suffered two freak injuries that cost him most of his season, which means he could be cheap. I stress, could be.

The Sox appear to have more than a passing interest in bringing Granderson home. A source told the Sun-Times the Sox will make a hard push for Granderson, 32, who will be a free agent for the first time and might come cheaper than expected because of two freak injuries that limited him to 61 games, seven homers and 15 RBI in 2013.

Because of his age and the money he might command, Granderson wouldn’t seem to fit into that plan. But for the right price, he would be the type of addition who could help make the Sox respectable again. (Chicago Sun-Times)

It’s a nice idea the White Sox have as they’ll need to replace the power bat they’ll lose if Paul Konerko decides to retire now instead of after next season. I just don’t know if they’ll be able to afford him especially with them in the middle of a rebuilding project. Even if he is cheap, I’m sure he’ll cost a team at least $10 million because of his power and flexibility to play any outfield position. It could also cost them a draft pick.


The Yankees are steadfast on their plan to get under $189 million for the luxury tax which makes it likely they won’t match any large offer for Granderson. It also makes it unlikely that they’ll offer him a qualifying offer which means a team won’t lose a draft pick if they sign him but that can all change in a hurry.

If Alex Rodrgiuez suspension is upheld and he’ll miss the 2014 season the Yankees will be flush with money. If that happens I don’t see the Yankees overpaying to keep Grandy but I think they would offer him a qualifying offer.

If the Sox were to sign him then they’d have to give up a draft pick. Thanks to their horrible 2013 season though that pick would be a second rounder. For a team rebuilding that might not be something that they’re willing to give up.

I think the White Sox will be in the running for Granderson if he isn’t offered that qualifying offer. I’m just not sure if his asking price will be in their price range. There best bet was to keep their interest quiet for the time being but oh well that cat’s already out of the bag.

If Hahn has his eye on Granderson, he’ll try to fly under the radar, following the Sox’ way of doing business. But that might be easier hoped for than done.(Chicago Sun-Times)

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