Ware says he’ll deal with stingers for rest of his career

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, September 27th, 2013

Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware is banged up again after suffering a stinger in week two. The injury has caused Ware to leave two games this season because of numbness in his left arm. It’s an injury that’s been reoccurring over the past four seasons. Ware says that its an injury that won’t be going away and something he’ll just have to deal with.

allas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware has battled stinger injuries the last four seasons and he said Friday he’ll have to deal with it the rest of his career.

“Oh yeah. As long as you play, it’s a car crash every time,” Ware said. “Like last year, I didn’t have one. This year, it started right at the beginning of the season but you just figure out how you cope with it and keep going.”

Ever since Ware suffered a stinger in a December 2009 game against San Diego, he’s had to learn to play through the reoccurring injury. (Dallas News)

Ware has been limited in practice this week because of the injury but he says its not a big deal as he only needs to practice Thursday and Friday. He said he hasn’t had any issues this week and that when he does he only needs a few minutes of rest before he can go back into the game.

“When you have injuries like a stinger you just get out there and hopefully it doesn’t happen again,” Ware said Friday. “It’s not hindering me getting out there and playing. Wednesday I didn’t practice and I practiced Thursday and Friday and nothing happened. It’s like if you get out there and play and if it happens, guess what, you just keep playing.”

Ware said when he suffers a stinger his arm goes numb.

“Then after that, probably about five minutes, you’re back in it again,” Ware said. “That’s one thing I’ve been blessed with. A lot of guys get stingers and you lose a lot of your strength. I can go right back out there and keep playing and I don’t feel any different.”(Dallas News)

The funniest part about the interview Ware had was when he was asked how do you get over a stinger. His response was classic. “Ware said, laughing, “Time off.””

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