Tyrell Johnson arrested on Miami Beach

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Former NFL player Tyrell Johnson was arrested on Miami Beach this past Saturday. The reason wasn’t anything good like a DUI, domestic abuse or drugs, it was actually something pretty embarrassing. Johnson was arrested for public urination and resisting arrest without violence.

Officers said they saw Johnson urinating near 9th Street and Ocean Court so they approached him to conduct a field interview.

When asked to place his hand on a wall, officers said Johnson refused and kept his hands in his pockets and even pulled away from them as they attempted to take him into custody.

In addition to being charged with urinating in public, Johnson was also charged with resisting arrest without violence. (CBS Miami)

Johnson has played for the Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins and the Detroit Lions. Johnson played four games for the Lions in 2012 but was cut by the team before the 2013 season began. Johnson recently worked out with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but wasn’t signed.

I’m sure this, even with how minor it is, won’t help. Hopefully that was one very relieving leak.

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