Chris Snee may have to sit

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

The New York Giants offensive line s in shambles and it doesn’t look to be improving anytime soon. After Sunday’s game we heard that Chris Snee was being bothered by his hip that required off season surgery. The team has said there is no new injury just that the area is inflamed and very sore. The hope is that a little bit of rest will help him out, if not he may be forced to sit and take some time off.

Chris Snee starting at right guard is supposed to be one of the building blocks the Giants can count on, in good times and bad. Snee, though, is hurting, and he may not be able to stay on the field much longer.

Snee underwent surgery on his left hip in the offseason, and an MRI exam this week revealed there is no new injury, according to a source. But the hip is “still pretty sore and inflamed,’’ according to the source, adding, “The hope is that it calms down and lets him get back to playing to his standard.’’

How badly did if affect Snee in the game?

“It really limited him in the game on Sunday, and if it doesn’t calm down, we are going to have to do something,’’ the source said.

If Snee’s hip does not respond to rest and treatment, he will have to be shut down for a time. (New York Post)

The Giants are paying dearly right now for neglecting their offensive line for so long. Hopefully the unit doesn’t kill Eli Manning while they try to rebuild it over the next couple years.

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