Locker didn’t want Britt on the field

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Interesting news out of Tennessee this morning. There was a lot of questions surrounding the Tennessee Titans game winning touchdown drive yesterday. Why wasn’t Kenny Britt on the field? Was he injured? Did the coaching staff not trust him? We also got varying answers about it.

Britt says that he was hurt. He claims to have had a sore neck and bruised ribs and that’s why he was on the sidelines. After the week he’s had and a game on the line though I’d think a guy who wants to prove himself would get his butt on the field.

The Tennessean reports that Britt was on the sidelines because his quarterback, Jake Locker asked that he not be on the field.

It also tells us something that quarterback Jake Locker specifically asked for (Justin) Hunter to be in the game on what proved to be the decisive play. (The Tennessean)

In reality this was the right decision whether Britt likes it or not. Britt was having a horrible game, he was targeted five times, dropped two passes and caught none. He was also flagged for two penalties. It seemed as his head was simply not in the game and Locker didn’t trust him. Offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains “talked of how Locker believes in Washington and Wright.” (ESPN Blog)

What’s unfortunate though is that this could cause more problems within that organization. The team is already having issues with Britt and then to leave him on the sidelines during the most important drive will only make Britt more unhappy.

To have news leak that his own quarterback request he not be on the field, well that could be a nail in Britt’s coffin no matter what Loggains says.

“Kenny’s still a physical specimen. He’s going to be part of this offense,” Loggains said. “We just have to clean that stuff up. We can’t have dropped balls from anyone. We can’t have penalties. We can be a good football team if we clean that stuff up. We’re not going to be good if we’re stupid.” (The Tennessean)

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