Garcon – RGIII “obviously” isn’t healthy

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Washington Redskins receiver Pierre Garcon said last week that Robert Griffin III looked a little slow and that he was being hindered by the knee brace he was wearing. Garcon has talked about it more with the Washington Post and said that it’s obvious RGIII isn’t completely healthy yet. The one thing he wants though is for everyone to stop talking about.

“He’s not fully healthy, obviously,” Garcon said at Redskins Park. “He’s running a little bit more. But last year’s RGIII was a lot different from this year’s RG because of his knee. It’s not surprising. We’ve been talking about it the whole offseason. It’s the same question every day on Monday. We can find something else to talk about.” (Washington Post)

We’d all agree it’s obvious that RGIII isn’t himself yet, we’ve all seen it and talked about it. Garcon has a point though why do people keep talking about it? Will it make a difference? No. Just give the guy some time to get back to his old self, not everyone can be Adrian Peterson.

The main thing for the ‘Skins is just to keep working on getting better. Garcon says he’s already seen improvements and as time goes RGIII himself will only better too.

“We’re getting better,” he said. “We’re making plays. We’re moving the ball down the field. We scored in the first half. …But we still have a lot to do. It’s not about running the ball from a quarterback standpoint, from RGIII running the ball. It’s about completing passes and everything, having the whole offense come together.” (Washington Post)

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