Stevens won’t put timetable on Rondo

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, August 30th, 2013

The two main questions surrounding the Boston Celtics right now is when Rajon Rondo will return and when he does will they trade him? The Boston media has asked every member of the organization that they see when Rondo will be back and the answers have been all over the place. We’ve heard it could be soon. We’ve heard it could be December. One person who won’t put a timetable on his return though his head coach Brad Stevens.

Jared Sullinger hinted he might be back in December, and other reports have Rondo being ready by opening night in his rehab from offseason knee surgery.

New Celtics head coach Brad Stevens has heard all the scenarios in the public conversation, but would not put a date or a timetable on when the lone member of the championship team will be back.

“I have never heard a timeline from him and the latest that I’ve heard from our medical staff is that he’s progressing well,” Stevens said at TPC Boston during the Deutsche Bank pro-am on Thursday. “Our staff has spent a little bit of time with him off site here as well as we followed up on his rehab when he’s been away.

“He will be back in town soon. He’s working. I know that for a fact. He’s working hard to get back as soon as he can and I’m sure he will.” (Boston Herald)

I’m sure Stevens has a good idea of when Rondo will be ready but love that he’s responding like this.

If he agrees with general manager Danny Ainge and says he’ll be ready for Opening Day he’d put undo pressure on Rondo to rush back. It could turn into the whole Derrick Rose thing all over again.

If he goes with Jared Sullinger and says December then the fans will go what the hell is taking so long.

So yea, Stevens is in a no win situation so by not giving into the media he’s saving face if things do go wrong. He’s also telling the media that they’ll know information when they need to know it.

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