Betancourt to have Tommy John surgery

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, August 30th, 2013

Colorado Rockies closer Rafael Betancourt has decided to have Tommy John surgery in hopes of extending his career. The initial plan was for Betancourt to rest and rehab his torn UCL in hopes that a team would give him a chance next spring. See at the age of 39 it would be pretty difficult to continue playing after missing an entire year but he’s got no choice. The doctors have told him there was “little chance of recovery” with the initial plan.

Betancourt is hoping to be a lot like Jamie Moyer, have surgery and extend your career a little longer. He believes he’ll be able to play a few more seasons if he does have the surgery. We’ll see about that, I’d say it’s a long shot but you never know.

“I took the decision last night, alongside doctors,” Betancourt said on the radio show Los Cronistas. “They told me there was little chance of recovery with current treatment.”

But the surgery is a strong indication he plans to return to a big league mound.

“It would be sad to come to the end of my career this way, after all I’ve been through,” he said. “This motivates me to go on.”

“I know if my arm feels healthy, I can still pitch for a few more years,” he told the network from his Orlando, Fla., home. (MLB)

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