Hope I never see Gilbert Arenas on the road

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, August 26th, 2013

We all know bad drivers. We all see bad drivers on the daily. We all want to make sure we are no where near those drivers when they’re on the road. Well there’s one person who is publicizing how bad of a driver is and I hope I’m never on the same road with him. That would be former NBA player Gilbert Arenas.

Arenas posted photos to instagrams with captions about how to get around traffic violations, things you can do on the road and how to talk to chicks. Sounds like the guy wants to do everything on the road except drive and be safe.

(H/T Larry Brown Sports)

“Can’t text or talk on ur phones while driving in Cali but never said u couldn’t play candy crush lol”

“The best Anti red light ticket protection(dealer plates)4 months driving 60 red lights and toll valuations and 0 tics”

“Best place to holla at chicks #traffic even if she pulls off..pull back up and finish ur convo(so like I was sayn)”

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