NFL to review hit on Dustin Keller

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

The NFL Competition Committee is going to be taking a look at the hit that ended Dustin Keller’s season. This really isn’t a surprise as it was a pretty brutal hit and the NFL is being run by a bunch of softies. D.J. Swearinger shouldn’t worry about anything as the league has deemed the hit legal and there won’t be any punishment. They’re looking to see if there should be any future rule changes.

But while NFL V.P. of Officiating Dean Blandino said on NFL Network that the Competition Committee will review the hit in its ongoing effort to look for ways to make the game safer, Blandino made clear that Texans rookie safety D.J. Swearinger did not break any rules when he hit Keller’s knee.

“It is a legal hit,” Blandino said. “It’s an unfortunate result, something that the Competition Committee will continue to look at, as we do all injuries during the season. But it is a legal hit.”

The Competition Committee may look to add rules prohibiting low contact, but any new rules protecting players’ knees will come too late for Keller.(ProFootballTalk)

The problem I have is this, how is the NFL going to determine if a player is defenseless? That’s something that is very subjective.

Take a look at the Jon Bostic hit, his was perfectly legal but the league determined it to be a defenseless receiver. I’ve watched that video many times and every time I see a receiver who caught the ball then ran 1.5 to 2 yards before getting nailed. The reason why he got clocked is because he didn’t see the guy coming but he wasn’t defenseless.


If the league considers the receiver defenseless the moment he catches the football the game as we know it is going to be ruined forever. Some of the best defensive plays in history have come when a defensive back hits the receiver as soon as that ball gets in his hands, which is great defense. By what I see them starting to call I feel this is the way they’re going and it sucks.

Only time I can see the league claiming a receiver is defenseless is when he’s in mid-air. If his feet aren’t on the ground then yes, he’s defenseless, there is simply no way he can brace himself for a hit. While I love seeing defenders hit a receiver and him flipping around in air, I could understand the NFL wanting to eliminate that from the game.

Unfortunately it looks like they want to eliminate all big hits.

Here’s the worst part, they can do it and they’ll get away with it. We’ll all bitch and moan but you know what, we’ll still tune in every Sunday and Monday to watch the game we love, even if it’s not the game we grew up loving. They’ve got us by the ball sacks and we’re all going to be forced to enjoy whatever Roger Goodell throws at us.

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