Ryan Howard to begin baseball activities

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard looks one step closer to returning to the major league team. Doctors have finally cleared the slugger to begin baseball activities. Howard’s been recovering the last five weeks from surgery on his torn meniscus. The Phillies aren’t taking any chances though and planning on taking things very slow with him this time.

Ryan Howard (left knee surgery): He saw a doctor on Monday and will begin baseball activities Thursday.

“I don’t know whether Ryan or Ben will be back on the field here or in Florida [for rehab appearances], but the expectation is that they’ll be back on the field somewhere before the end of the season,” Assistant GM Scott Proefrock said. “Whether it’s up here, whether they’re playing in instructional league, I don’t know. … I think the main thing for both of them is to just get them to the point where there are no surprises in Spring Training next year.” (MLB)

I think it’s great that the Phillies are focusing on next year with Howard as they’ve got nothing to play for this year. They rushed him back one time before out of need and look what it got them, another five plus weeks without the big guy.

Good news is there were reports that he’s lost 15-20 pounds which should help his breaking down legs. Will it sacrifice some power, possibly but at least it gives him a better chance to stay on the field.

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