Ginobili thought about retiring

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Between off season workouts, regular season games and playoff games the NBA can be a long grind especially when you’re 35 years old like San Antonio Spurs Manu Ginobili. Ginobili had an interview with La Nacion, an Argentinean publication, (go to Pounding the Rock for translated version) and talked about how broken down he was by the end of the season. So much so that he thought about retiring.

By the end of the season–and I mean the regular season and not the playoffs– I thought about it a lot. I was so tired of it. I hadn’t suffered a muscle strain in my whole life and I went through three in four months. I felt negative, fed up. And I thought about retiring. I hadn’t come close to making up my mind but I thought it was something I had to discuss with my wife, “what if…?” She told me that it was my decision and she was fine either way. But when I recovered physically I started to feel better about it all. When the season ended I grieved for 48, 72 hours and I didn’t feel retired. I knew something was missing, that I still wanted to play. (Pounding the Rock)

The physical part. Having to keep rehabilitating and getting in shape after injuries. Having to play with the parking break on because I’m coming back from a muscle strain. That wore me out and it was hard. I have a great time when I’m healthy and playing, I feel lucky playing with the team and coaching staff I play for. But the physical problems drained me.(Pounding the Rock)

It’s normal for the grind to start to wear on a player as they age we see it all the time as their numbers start to drop. We’ve seen that happen over the last two seasons with Ginobili so it shouldn’t be a big surprise.

What was a surprise to me was how he beaten down he looked by the end of the playoffs. It looked like it was a huge struggle for him to even be on the court.

If he thought about retiring when he felt like that will the Spurs be able to count on him for two more seasons? I think they’ll be hard pressed to do so.

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