George Hill has no regrets over missing USA minicamp

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Indiana Pacers point guard George Hill spoke about skipping the U.S. National Team’s minicamp last month and said he has no regrets. Hill said that his youth camp was more important and that was the reason he missed. The problem was that he didn’t contact anyone about not being able to attend, instead he was a no-show.

The Indiana Pacers guard accepted an invitation to attend but changed his mind at the last moment because of a conflict with his youth camp in San Antonio, where he played for the Spurs before being traded to his hometown Pacers two years ago.

“I am not going to sacrifice that for something that doesn’t mean as much to me as kids mean to me,” Hill said after distributing toys to students at Riverside Elementary School on the west side as part of the Pacers’ Summer Christmas program Wednesday. “The kids mean the world to me. If I have to make a decision to cancel some things, I will do it as a man.”

Hill downplayed suggestions that other considerations — such as being a long shot to make the team for next summer’s World Cup in Spain — played a role in his decision. He also declined to specify why he didn’t tell USA Basketball officials he planned to miss the camp. He was on the camp roster until being a no-show on opening day on July 21.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Hill, who averaged career-highs in points (14.2), assists (4.7) and rebounds (3.7) last season. “I wasn’t able to do it. That’s the point. Sometimes in life, you can’t do things that you really want to do.

“At this point, I made the right decision. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.” (Indy Star)

I have mixed feelings about what Hill did here, the feelings are more negative though based on his actions.


On one hand I applaud him for putting the kids first. The kids obviously meant more for him then a chance to play in the Olympics so he went with what meant the most to him. And what meant the most to him was making a difference in the life of kids. That’s something no one can ever complain about it was a great thing.

On the other hand though he was also being a bad role model. He’s also telling those same kids that its okay to make a commitment and then just bail at the last minute without telling anyone.

I have even more of a problem with the following statement: “The kids mean the world to me. If I have to make a decision to cancel some things, I will do it as a man.”

If a man has to cancel some things, he will. Hill cancelled nothing, he no showed. A man would have contacted his boss, which was Jerry Colangelo in this situation, and talked to him as a man and explained the situation. He did not, he didn’t act like a man at all.

Hopefully Hill takes this whole situation as a learning experience in how to handle scheduling conflicts. Prioritizing which is most important is fine but you still have to handle things the right way, not act like a child yourself and put one party in a bind.

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